Best Of The Best Visual In SM Entertainment, Choi Siwon

Everyone knows the boy group who had spread the K-pop vibe to lớn the world, Super Junior. But who is the visual of Super Junior? The answer is Choi Siwon. Everybody knows that he is the hottest thành viên in Super Junior, & he has also been called one of the most good-looking people on SM Entertainment.

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Choi Siwon, also known as Siwon, is an actor, model, singer, & songwriter. He is a member of the group Super Junior và the sub group Super Junior-M. His presence always catches attention everywhere he goes.

Before debuting, Siwon was quite different from the other members in Super Junior. Siwon debuted as a model and actor early on before joining the band. Until now, he is still very active as a Super Junior member and is becoming a popular actor và model. Let’s get close with the cool gentleman, Choi Siwon!

Siwon’s Profile

Real Name : Choi mê mẩn Won (최시원)
Stage Name : Siwon (시원)
Chinese Name : Cui Shi Yuan(崔始源)
American Name : David Joseph Choi
Nickname : Simba / Horse / #1 fan of the LORD / bodyguard / gentleman
Profession : Singer, Actor, và Model, Missionaries, UNICEF Special Representative
Genre : K-pop, Mandopop
Position: Vocalist, Face of The Group

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger

Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea (south of Han River near Apgujung)
Birthdate : 1986-Apr-07 (1987-Feb-10 on official document)
Religion : Christian Protestant
Height : 183cm
Weight : 67kg
Blood type : B
Education : Hyun Dae High School (2006), Inha University majoring in Physical Education (2012)
Hobbies : Sleeping, Watching movies
Siblings : A younger sister, Choi Jiwon
Talent agency : SM Entertainment
First Debut : Dana’s MV “What is Love” in October 2003
Other talents: Playing drums, piano, Taekwondo (Siwon is the youngest in Korea khổng lồ hold fourth rank in the đen belt), English Mandarin Chinese language
Ideal Girl : Christian, Wavy-haired, Abs

Nationality : South Korean

Age : 32 years old

Sun Sign : Aries

Father : Choi Ki-ho

Twitter / Instagram :
siwonchoi /

Siwon’s Family


Siwon was raised well in a good family environment. His father is Choi Kiho, who was the President of Korean Slim Fashion. In 2011, his father became a CEO of Boryung Medicine (pharmaceutical company), where he still works khổng lồ this day. His family owns Hyundai Department Store, the biggest và the largest supermarket in Korea, và has opened many branches across Japan. His mother also has her own company. That’s why Siwon has been crowned as the wealthiest member in Super Junior.

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Siwon has only one sibling, a younger sister named Choi Ji-won. She is very beautiful, just lượt thích her good-looking older brother. Her natural beauty makes her a popular sibling among the K-pop celebrities. Similar to Siwon, who is a tuy vậy writer, Jiwon writes và sings under the name Lonely Star. Jiwon is often working out at the gym, và living a healthy lifestyle, same as Siwon. Siwon’s fellow members in Super Junior tease him about wanting to marry Jiwon, but Siwon declines them firmly when they joke about it. Currently Jiwon is enrolled in Ewma Women University.

Siwon’s Drama


As with many aspiring actors, Siwon was expected lớn select an idol to lớn manage him và transform into famous actor. Instead, he opened his own career on being a model an actor. You can see his success as a popular actor, not only in Korea but also in Hollywood, by the list of his dramas and movies below.


Revolutionary Love(tvN, 2017) as Byun HyukDramaworld(Viki, 2016)She Was Pretty(MBC, 2015) as Kim Shin HyukMasked Prosecutor (KBS2, 2015) cameo the thief ep. 1Falling In Love With You Again (Hunan TV, 2015) as tuy vậy Chen XiThe King Of Dramas(SBS, 2012) as top star Kang Hyun MinSkip-Beat!(FTV, 2011) as Dun HelianPoseidon(KBS, 2011) as Kim Sun WooAthena: Goddess of War(SBS, 2010) as Kim Joon HoOh! My Lady(SBS, 2010) as Sung Min WooLegend of Hyang Dan(MBC, 2007) as Lee ý muốn RyongSpring Waltz(KBS, 2006) as Park sang trọng WookDrama thành phố The Boy in the Charnel House (KBS, 2005)18 vs 29 (KBS, 2005) as young Kang Bong ManPrecious Family (KBS2, 2004)Parent’s Approval(KBS)Charnel Boy(KBS)


To The Fore(2015)Helios(2015)Dragon Blade(2015)Super Show 4 3D(2013)I AM(2012)SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition(2012)Super Show 3 3D(2011)Attack on the Pin-Up Boys(2007)A Battle of Wits(2006)Charmel Boy (2005)

He had been apart of many big projects, such as acting alongside Andy lau on A Battle of Wits as Liang Shi prince. Then, for movie Dragon Blade, he acted with Jackie Chen. Several big names continue to support his acting career, & he was cast in the movie Helios together with Jacky Cheung. He also joined the cast for the movie To The Fore with Eddie Peng & Shawn Dou.